(Wicked: To describe how great something is = That girl was wicked.)


Quick specs: “Social media junkie,” hails from the timber city of the south, shoe addict, your daily fashion fix.

Long and natural wavy hair, white complexion, model-thin body, polished nails.

She was a subdued standout in Highschool. I say this because even if she didn’t need to call attention to herself, she was noticed. What people used to see as this pretty-spunky girl has now transformed into a lady with a strong sense of fashion and style. A teenager by looks, a young adult by age.

Now her character is a whole lot more exciting and HYPED, thanks to several doses of inspiration and guts to pursue a year long fashion adventure involving thrift shops, self-modeling and a chronic addiction to shoes.

excerpt from the feature: Interview with the Wicked(Ying)

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