Sync or Swim


Sync or Swim

Gold Animal Print Body With Gathered Mesh Skirt, Inlovewithfashion. Shoes, Jeffrey Campbell. Spike bracelet, Vaintage. Studded belt, Forever 21. 


Look of the Day — Time for another post! I’m uploading the ones from ze sponsors first so I could catch up with the few stock photos here. Those from my recent trip would have to wait. Heeee! :-D


What do you think about the dress? Is it too risque? I’m having a few concerns about it but I do think it’s okay. Whatev! 


This is a number which I think best defines my style or manner of dressing. I dunno why but this look simply screams MEEEEE… :twisted:


Gotta love dresses from Inlovewithfashion!



Now why “Sync or Swim” you say? I literally spent the afternoon merging my accounts, downloading apps, backing up files, and syncing. It’s a whole lot of crazy but it works for someone as careless as me. Didn’t know Google, Windows, and Android can be 3 good friends. It’s pretty technical. Trust me, I don’t even understand half the words I’m saying here but you get what I mean. Teehee! :mrgreen:


Sorry for the rush but this is going to be a quick post. We will be out partying (excuse the term) with the birthday girl Steph tonight. Have you greeted her?


Stay wicked!