10 Things All Women Should Have in Their Wardrobe

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I know we’re all individual and different but the way I see it, there are a few wardrobe staples every woman should own. Pick a style to suit your individuality — just make sure you have them! You’ll never be stuck for an outfit or something to put with it this way.

Take a look at the following 10 things:


1. Tailored Trousers
Tailored trousers look amazing. They can be dressed up or down, depending on the occasion. You can buy them in a plain, neutral colour, or even go all out and buy a patterned pair. Just make sure they fit you properly and you don’t go too oversized, like Cheryl Fernandez Versini likes to do.


2. A-Line Skirt
A-line skirts are flattering for pretty much all shapes and sizes, and again, they can be dressed up or down. Depending on the length, they can be great for festivals, nights out, and even afternoon tea. You can’t go wrong with a pretty A-line skirt. Pair with tights for a more demure look, or stilettos to go for cocktails with the girls.


3. Blouses
I love a pretty plain colored or patterned blouse made that can be paired with anything. I know some would prefer it in neutral colours but I have this pink pastel one that I just can’t get enough of. Try buying tops made of different material and silhouettes. You can easily determine which ones are flattering. A white buttondown can come in handy too. If you find a blouses like the ones in the abovephoto, go buy ’em!


4. Sturdy Boots
What woman doesn’t love a good pair of sturdy boots? They can add a boho vibe to our outfits, and even a rock chick feel if we do it right. They look amazing when attending a festival, or even on a cooler day when sandals just won’t cut it.


5. Everyday Watch
I love my everyday watch. Some people have a watch collection, with one for every occasion. Me? I have one and wear it everywhere – that’s how much I love it! The Shinola womens watches collection has me drooling every time I see it. I know when it’s time to replace my trusty watch, that’s where I’ll go.


6. Simple Earrings
Simple earrings help to enhance just about any outfit. You can’t go wrong with a pair of plain studs – they’ll suit any look you’re going for. It’s one of my pet hates when ladies neglect to accessorize their ears!


7. Comfy Pumps
I live in my comfy pumps when I’m on a special day out! I usually like to go for Converse, Vans, or Keds but I’ve spotted some cute Adidas on the market recently.


8. Fitted Jeans
Fitted jeans that hug you in all of the right places and show off your figure can be hard to come by. If you find a pair that suits you down to the ground, invest in them in every wash/color! Seriously! You can’t have too many pairs of great jeans.


9. Blazers
A blazer can be dressed up or down and is a great way to nail that smart/casual balance. I collect them in all sizes and textures.


10. Neutral Stiletto Heels
Where would we be without our stilettos, ladies? A neutral stiletto heel will take you places. My Forever 21 ankle straps are surprisingly comfy. 


Sooooo… Which of these will you purchase after reading this?!  ;-) 


*write-up not mine but all photos from The Wicked Ying*

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