3 Shoes in a Week?!

In Fashion, Shoes by Wicked Ying

I can never get enough of such gorgeous pairs posted online as “Shoes for Adoption”. I’d be happy to lend them my shoe rack space of course.. Never figured out what, when, and where to wear them but at least I have them. Just received another package of my black peeptoe stilettos. Instant fave. Long time love. Now, we are at long last, united.

I do not have the actual pictures yet. I’ll be having some real soon. Still waiting for Charcoal Monkey‘s schedule and I to ease up before we put the shutters to work. I’m having this Lookbook craze lately and I wanted mine to get hyped. 🙂

My latest purchase was a nude, beige-ish shoes that are pretty high for me. Got some half to 1-inch platform and a super sleek stiletto heel that could kill anybody who plays a joke on me.



Well hello there!


See you soon newly adopted baby shoesies!

From Wicked with love…. xoxo