365 Days Photography + Looks

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Too engrossed with Charcoal Monkey and I’s chitchat last night, we suddenly came up with something to keep the site going. Thing is, a lot of photographers do 365 days posting photos they took each day. I’d like to do my own version with a twist. It is going to be 365 photos, not just ordinary photos but fashion inspired photos ala Lookbook and Chictopia.

We thought of this first, so PLEASE cut the crap and stop being a copycat! 🙂

Still thinking whether I would be able to accomplish it since I do not have much of clothing. I’ll try to mix and match as much as possible (and go thrifting as much as possible too!:p).

Done with the shoot.. Will start with Day 1 probably tomorrow… Upload process ongoing……. Til next post, later!