A Concept Brought to Life

In Beauty, Photography, Wicked by Wicked Ying

Remember when I posted a look way too late than the usual 6PM-8PM grace period? It’s because we’re busy shooting this photo above.

It is almost a year-long concept for which finally we found the time to do it. A combination of both our passion for photography, music and yes, my favorite color. 😉

Purple smoky eyes, lavender lip, purple background, an accessory that I dearly treasure. Just some of the things which I could say “ME”. The photo could derive so many expressions, thoughts, ideas, explanations that I’m lost for words on how to describe it.

It speaks for itself. It is indeed a concept brought to life.

For the full info about the set up and such, click the article below:

I’ve Got You Under My Skin by Charcoal Monkey


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