A is for Antagonist

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How far would someone go meddling with the lives of other people? That made me wonder. It is not everyday that I post my deepest thoughts in here but I think I might have to do it once in a while to vent out a few of the steaming words that’s been floating in my brain. You can’t let it out unless you put those words into sentences right?! 

Recently, I’ve signed up on Ask.fm to join in on the fun (well at least I thought it was). I see it as an avenue where people can ask me random questions that needs an answer asap – be it about fashion, tips, something personal or anything under the sun. But as the story goes, part of reaching out is to attract potential ill-willed people. I was partly aghast with the line of questioning these people are following. 

Lately I have observed a recurring phenomenon. And what is it you say? It’s just that I seem to have encountered an antagonist, an unsolicited one. Truth be told, I never actually considered that certain someone as an adversary since the person doesn’t have an identity whatsoever. Yup, we shall call this person as A, A for antagonist and A for anonymous. He or she hides behind fake profiles and behind the shadow of another A word — anonymity. I don’t know what A has against my current relationship or for that matter, my love life. Asking me about sex, virginity, and calling me a slut is just so off. Some of the questions were reported and left unanswered because it’s bordering perversion. Shittiest shit I’ve heard all day. Really. That made me wonder if signing up on Ask is a smart move. I’ve had similar experiences on Facebook too. Why can’t they just leave personal things private? To keep things straight, I am happy, we both are and that is what’s important. So please, call me whatever you want but that won’t faze me. Good luck with that! 🙄

Bottomline, I don’t mind. I have challenged myself to sound and to answer the questions as civil as possible. Whoever these people are, your presence is acknowledged. Congratulations!


Stay wicked!