A New Beginning

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A New Beginning

Denim buttondown, Cache Cache. Lace shorts and gold cap toe flats, Forever 21. Bag, Mango. Bangle, PINKaholic.


Look of the Day — Easy casual dressing that’s apt for travelling. I’m aware of the hassle, not to mention the baggage we have to carry during this trip so I made sure to wear something comfy. Other than that, I have to consider that things can get a little bit chilly inside the plane and airport too so wearing longsleeves, or layering for that matter is next to being a MUST. I get cold easily due to my minimal adipose tissues, obviously. Lol!


Excuse the haggard fezzz…that’s because it was an early morning flight. Geeez! I went all blue with my outfit by wearing denim buttondowns + lace shorts.


Not so busy airport. Teehee! So what do you think about my first post for 2013?


This year marks a lot of changes as well as challenges for me. I can’t wait to share with you a handful of news. One would be attending an international tattoo convention happening next week (uh huh!), get another tat (hopefully!), Sinulog at Cebu, and changing my blog’s theme/layout. Those are just a few of what I’m looking forward to this start of the year.


 Trying to banish all the bad vibes and negativity by starting fresh. I’m currently reading Robert Greene’s 48 Laws of Power. I love the book! Aside from the interesting bits and pieces of history’s renowned characters, I’m learning how to control emotions, feelings, and develop strategies to turn them into ones that would benefit you. Here’s to sticking to those rules I recently made up. I needed optimism so bad these days. Urgggh! If you ask me why, it’s because when something is getting good it almost always followed up by something bad. Call me paranoid but I think it has been proven true. Oh well, so much for that! 🙄


Let’s all have a wonderful 2013 ahead wicked people! Start the year right by joining my blog giveaway HERE.


Stay wicked!