A Pat on the Back, A Slap on the Face

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Look of the Day — I’m ready for a music festival! Who’s with me on this? Haha! This outfit would be great for lounging in an open grassy area, band playing on the stage, whilst I’m holding a beer bottle in one hand. Yes, I’ll just keep dreaming til that moment happens! Lol!


Floral corset, Topshop. Acid wash denim shorts, Forever 21. Tights, OASAP. Suede booties, Topshop.


Pastel nails

I’ve been saving this look for the longest time now. Why? Because it’s the last one I got and I have none left. I’ll have to wait for clear skies so I’ll be able to take photos again. *sigh* 🙄


 Can you spot the LOVE word? Where?!


Let’s all take a moment to envy the legs of Lina Tesch and Jennifer Grace. For some reasons, my legs don’t look that good whenever I try the tights and shorts combo. Needless to say, I would still wear them. Daisy dukes and tights are too cool to pass off. Haha!


Digging this pair of tights? Buy them HERE!


Laneway, Tomorrowland, Coachella…….someday. Maybe never. Huhu!


On another note, can I just vent out my pent up feelings (that I’ve been keeping to myself) in this post? I don’t know what this person has against me and Steph but from the looks of our Ask.fm accounts, it’s filled with words that aren’t nice to hear. I’ve decided to selectively answer questions and all that’s simply “off” will go unpublished. Am I mad? No. Am I angry? No. All I feel for this person, whoever he/she may be, is empathy. Life must be so hard for him/her to go on trolling other people. I’m not in the slightest bit affected by the questions thrown at us. Why should I be? If he/she hates us then that’s not my problem. I have more to do with my time than spend my precious minutes answering these senseless questions. Really. I mean it. It can be narrowed down with these points:

1. I love my life and my job.

2. Whatever I have right now (and what I’m able to buy) is a product of my hard work.

3. I’m a proud probinsyana. Take that!

4. My nose is perfectly fine. Deal with it.

5. I’m secure in my current relationship. Duh!

People of the world, trust is earned and it is something so precious that you can liken it to a breakable thing. You may be able to fix it once it’s broken; but for me, I don’t know if I’ll be able to see the person the way it was before. If I caught him/her lying and I have sufficient proof to support my claim then I’m sorry I’ll forever be cautious in dealing with you. My thoughts about it go so deep that I’m pretty sure nobody knows about them except me. 

Am I still making sense? I hope so!


Stay wicked!