Anything Can Happen

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Look of the Day — I’m back with my good old pairings — cropped tops and high waist shorts. You know when you’re sometimes done with all the experimenting, you tend to go back to the things (or clothes) that give you a sense of comfort? Yeah, this explains today’s #ootd. Lol!


“Stripped to the waist
We fall into the river
Cover your eyes
So you don’t know the secret
I’ve been trying to hide
We held our breath
To see our names are written
On the wreck of ’86
That was the year
I knew the panic was over

Yet since we found out
Since we found out
That anything could happen
Anything could happen
Anything could happen…”


Black cropped top, Topshop. Marroon highwaisted shorts, Priceless Possessions. Boots, Luxury Mall. Cayenne sunglasses, Fly Shades. Rib bone necklace, OS Accessories.


Life’s spontaneity and unusual surprises are proof that well, anything can happen. Listening to Ellie Goulding’s songs this morning is an instant pick-me-upper. It sure made my day brighter thought-wise despite the gloomy skies. It rhymed, I know.  Lol!


So here, I’m back again with my combo. It made me realize how much I need to buy boots like the ones I’m wearing here. I need shoes that are less girly. The look is kinda 90’s though, I like.


If you’ve been following my blog, you prolly noticed how much I’ve worn aviators often. Thanks Fly Shades for this new addition. I like colored ones!


I cannot wait for the storm to pass (literally) so I can go back to shooting looks. I’ve been falling behind my outfit schedules and I regret having to keep up with backlogs because new goodies are on its way. Yay! Isn’t it bittersweet? Love my new and old sponsors dearly!



So what’d you think?! I’ll be drafting another post, a giveaway. Time to gear up again and join wicked people!


Stay wicked!