Baby Put On Heart-Shaped Sunglasses

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Look of the Day — I’m having a major separation anxiety for the sunny days. Remember #sepanx?! What was once a medical jargon is now a popular hashtag! The term is widely used I reckon. Ha! Anyway, I don’t think I will ever be ready for the rainy season but I don’t mind taking my cardigans and sweaters out again.

“Baby put on heart shaped sunglassesCause we gonna take a rideI’m not gonna listen to what the past saysI’ve been waiting up all nightTake another drag turn me to ashesReady for another lie?Says he’s gonna teach me just what fast isSay it’s gonna be alright…”

Lace cropped top, heart-shaped sunglasses, wide-brim hat, and black denim shorts — OASAP. Gold gladiator sandals, Vaintage Shoppe. Necklace, FEMMEX.


I’ve always thought boys were oblivious to what us girls wear. I didn’t think boyf would notice but for some reasons he did see the resemblance in one of my past looks. What he meant was this look HERE. The similarity is uncanny I guess. When I was all ready to go outside for some snaps, he asked if I’ve worn this get-up before. Well, not really but the formula for the outfit is pretty much the same.


I know heart-shaped sunnies are a tad bit hippie-ish but… 😎


Cue in the song Life in Mono here. I’ll never be able to overcome my obsession with black and white pairings. 🙄


I’ve ordered all these OASAP items around May expecting that I’ll still be able to wear them somewhere beachy. Unfortunately, waiting for the parcel to arrive takes forever. That’s the very reason you often see me in sweaters during summer and in skin-baring outfits during the rainy months. Haha!



At the moment, all I do is wait for a good day to shoot another set of looks. Happily paired and laid out, we wait for the sun. I still have more summer-inspired LOTDs to post. #sorrynotsorry

Heeeee! 😉

Stay wicked!