Back to Square One

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Look of the Day —
I think I’ve had enough circles and polka dots that I chose to give squares a try. Checkmate! What’d you say?


Checkered knit set (sold out), PINKaholic. Gold belt, For Me. Black pumps, Forever 21.



Now this look maybe a little too formal for my taste but once in a while I dream of donning on a ladies who lunch garb. I can’t stick to tops and denims for long so this is definitely a change, just a quick change that is.


 If I had the real life office job, day job, or whatever term you’d like to call it, I’d probably wear this out on wash days granted the company has one. More so, maybe I’m not destined to be a nurse because never did I fancy myself wearing scrub suits. It’s always about the office wear, business casual looks, corporate attires that gets my liking. But to be fair, I would want to work in the Operating Room though. I’m just not confident about my skills and having this fear of authority figures hinders me from pursuing a far-fetched dream. So, it’s part destiny and another part of it by choice. Plans are good but planning is the tough part. Execution is easy but evaluation isn’t. When all else fails, we’re back to square one. Thus, the title. Segue mode!


Believe me, I’m still wondering why I inherited my mom’s genes when it comes to thighs. SMH! 🙄


I don’t think I’ll ever get tired of black and white clothes. It is “the” choice for someone who dresses in a play safe kinda way.



I’m confessing something — I just bought all the sets from PINKaholic’s Checkmate Collection. I have the bamboo print in my previous look, harlequin set, and this knit set. Knit wear is a great transition from summer to fall. I love ’em!


I want to wear some colorful clothes but I’m not quite in the mood for such.. I dunno. It happens!


Hope you like today’s look!


Stay wicked!