Be Enstyle!

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Be in style  with Facebook’s Enstyle app!

I’ve joined this outfit-sharing community more than a month ago. Posting your very own looks is as easy as 1,2,3.. Then, everyone can click to “love” your outfit! 😉

An in depth look at Enstyle:

What is enstyle?

Enstyle is a network of real people who wish to express their unique taste in fashion, while being inspired by other people‘s creativity.

How does it work?

For start, try to browse through our fashion magazine and other people’s Fashion galleries. It’s pretty addictive, believe us, that’s all we’ve been doing lately.
If you bump into an interesting look, roll over the image with your mouse and you will see more details about it: what brands appear in the photo or a link to other looks by the same person (and many more things).

      1. If you really love the look, you can show your appreciation by giving the user a LIKE, or post short compliment.
      2. The like button is super important in enstyle. With it, you can spread your love and eye for fashion by sharing the looks you like with your facebook friends.
      3. If you want to follow that user, click on “Follow” button near the user’s name. When you click on “My profile” it will be filled with fresh looks from all the people you follow.
      4. Hot Looks will show you only the new looks that lots of people liked.
      5. Incoming will show you the recently uploaded pictures.
      6. Find a look will help you find a specific look you are searching for. For example: guys dressing for a date or girls wearing shoes by Christian Louboutin (we want a pair too!)
      7. Hall of fame: Here you can find the best (most liked) users of the week, month and all times. Does your name appear in the list?
      8. In My Profile you can find all your looks and settings as well as the recent looks by users you are following. This page is the right place to open the day with!

Might as well join now! You can start by clicking here!
Stay wicked!