BeauteDerm Travel Set Review

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There is a beauty line that’s been taking Butuan City by storm. What’s cool is that I get to be one of the first few to test it out. Woot woot! It might be a little late for me to post a review about this brand but since a number of people have been asking me about it, here we go.

The travel set retails at Php995 and it’s good for at least 3 weeks use. Inside the kit you get:

(1) bar of papaine soap
(1) bottle of day & night toner
(1) mini jar of day cream with sunscreen
(1) mini jar night cream 1 – whitening
(1) mini jar night cream 2 – moisturizing
(1) mini jar night cream 3 – anti-aging

The Experience

I gave myself from all my KBeauty routines a few days before starting with this one. First day into using this, it was all fine. The redness started to kick in during the 2nd and 3rd day. My face started to get tiny bumps but I figured it was all part of the purging process. I was advised to cut down my toner and only use it at nighttime which I did. On the 5th day, there was micropeeling and my skin started to feel a bit itchy. My face felt less irritated after a week and a half. It all gets better from then on. Overall, the experience is like introducing retinol/retinoid products into your routine. You will first go through the uglies before getting results.

Final Thoughts

When used long-term, I think these products deliver as promised. After all, it won’t be awarded as one of Philippines’ Superbrands for nothing, right?

With the exception of the papaine soap and toner, all the creams have a mild aloe-ish scent. My top faves are the papaine soap and night cream 2, the moisturizing one.

I think this product is great for women on-the-go (because the steps are easy to follow and it’s travel friendly too) or for people who want a skincare routine but have no idea where to start. If you’re someone who is patient enough to surpass the first few weeks of purging, then yes I’d recommend this product for you! While the product may not have worked for my skin personally, this may very well work out on yours. If you’re keen to try it, then go for it!


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