Bidding 2012 Goodbye

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Bidding 2012 Goodbye

How do you end the best year you ever had? With a blast of course! 😈

It has been one hell of a 2012 for me. I could reflect and simply smile remembering the highlights of what has been the best year ever. Sure it was inevitable to come across drama, intrigues, and rumors but isn’t that the spice of life? We can always look at the brighter side of things. 

For an instance, I was able to complete my 365 looks challenge and got back into posting looks on a regular basis. Working and maintaining a blog without losing focus was a challenge I was able to surpass. It’s a rewarding feeling to be honest. Being able to attend several blogger-related events, gaining new sponsors/readers/friends can be considered as icing on my blog cake too. Lol! There are lots of things that I am grateful about but I’m too dazed to enumerate each one at the moment. One thing is for sure, this blog has been a life-changing tool for me. I couldn’t be any happier to have spent 2012 with all of you.

You see, I may not have the most exciting, adventure-filled life which is safe to say I might have a more static sitch than you do but I’m good with it. Nonetheless, we all shared events/travels that are one for the books right?!  😉

Seriousness aside, do you guys have any New Year’s  resolutions?! The nonconformist in me stopped making one years ago. I found out that it doesn’t really work. Well, maybe for a good month or two but sticking to it for a whole year is just blah. We don’t need such list to stir motivation and change within ourselves. Do you agree? Teehee! 


Woohoo! Cheers to the last (and most random) blog post for 2012. 

I’m wishing you all a marvelous and wicked 2013 ahead!


Stay wicked!