Bitch Don’t Kill My Vibe

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Look of the Day — Hello 100th look! As if to celebrate my 100th outfit after my 365 looks project, I have thought of an ensemble that would definitely describe me. What’s more “me” than a pair of top and shorts and a tinge of edge added to it? Slightly boring to the eyes (according to others) but nonetheless it’s The Wicked Ying. Right?!


Army green bralet / Cross studded leather jacket, Topshop. Chevron patterned shorts, PINKaholic. Honey platforms, Gold Dot. Crossbone necklace, OS. 



Knickers are probably my trademark. I just love them all the way! 😈


I can say that this is what I like most about summer, you can get all cray cray in an outfit and still get away with just because yeah, it’s summer. Haha! I have dreamt of the beach as early as December. We all need a change of scenery, fresh salty summer air, and let’s not forget the blue waters. Oh well, a girl can dream! 🙄


Back to the look, maybe I am not yet prepared for the hot weather. My line of thoughts are still with the fall/winter vibe as I haven’t stopped wearing jackets and dark colors. However, I am currently head over heels with anything black and white. I know, I know.. It is pretty much obvious with my recent looks!


This ensemble could pass off as a night-out-with-friends-going-somewhere-I-don’t-know look. Its bipolar details can fit anywhere. Slightly covered, slightly bare. Part girly, part edgy. I don’t know. I thought about this look long before I wore them. It’s a good day-to-night wear, don’t you think? 

And oh I remember, this bralet / chevron shorts combo I have already worn in Cebu. I paired it with my camouflage jacket. Cover-ups are a must! 


Yay! Finally my new babies made its debut today. Buy them HERE. Neutral colors + neon acrylic is love! 😉


Close up shoe shot. Time to update my Shoephoric account again. Teehee!




Anyway, my overall vibe is good today. Maybe trying out the yoga thing yielded something positive. I have proven that writing down your thoughts can do wonders too. I hate to call it a “diary” because it does sound so grade school but I guess that’s the notion it depicts. I have this yellow notebook in my desk that serves similar purpose because it helps me keep my feelings/thoughts in check. Introspection and reflection, we all need it. Have you tried the diary thing?


Stay wicked!