Black and Blooming

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Black and Blooming

Floral longsleeve / buttondown and bib necklace, PINKaholic. Black crochet shorts, Vaintage Shoppe. Suede booties, Topshop. Rings, Little London.


What I wore on a night out yesterday. Prior to that, Steph and I had a mini Lookbook shoot at our secret place. It is a deserted strip of road in the village that’s perfect because it doesn’t have people around and it has an ample sunlight at a desirable angle. Errrr, yeah, enough explaining… 🙄

Now when we shoot, it usually equates with a gazillion of outtakes. I don’t know about you guys but everytime I shoot my looks, I (kinda) waste a lot of shots looking awfully awkward. Now that Steph takes my outfit shots, it felt (and looked?) a lot better coz she coaches me how. Haha! I miss boyfie taking ze outfit shots though. We did that for over a year remember?! 🙄

The walking effect pose went B-A-D!

I look so funny.. Like leprechaun meets I dunno! Haha! 😆

Serious much?! These booties were on SALE when I bought them by the way. Such a good find since I don’t own that much booties! 😕

A candid shot taken by Steph. My fave! 😉


Anybody headin’ out on a  tonight?! It’s Friday! 


Stay wicked!