Black on Black on Black

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Look of the Day — Well oh well, I guess the title gave  it all away. I’m wearing all black on a major kind of throwback. 2 months can be equated to years of backlog in the blogging calendar. Haha! I know it’s not Thursday yet but it wouldn’t hurt for an early blast from the past now, would it?


One-shoulder embellished top and studded shorts, PINKaholic. Suede booties, Topshop. Spike necklace, Forever 21.


A little quick revelation here, I actually have nothing to post now. Thus, the mega backlog post. I have sooo many pending outfits to shoot right here I’ve lost count already. All I ever needed now is a dash of sunshine and boyf getting back to his normal body clock (hopefully retuning to the GMT +8 timezone) so I could get down to biznizzz and whatnot. It’s been raining nonstop for days with casual episodes of street flooding too. Here’s to hoping it’ll stop soon!


Since Steph and I have been daydreaming about going on a Manila adventure again, I’ve posted my BU5 outfit. A day with Philippine bloggers means you have to think  for days on what to wear. I went for an all-black look because I thought it’s the safest way. Besides, I’m all about studs and black things so why not do some reppin’ out of it. I din’t have anything new to wear as well after rummaging my closet and gave up a lot of them for the bazaar.


Photo taken by Anton Aguila. This guy takes good photos, seriously.


Might have to do some sundancing soooon. Harhar!



Stay wicked!