Blanc et Noir

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Look of the Day — I must admit that I miss posting looks. It has been what, 5 days or maybe a week since my last post. I’ve been hit by the Lazy Bug. 


Black and White Stripe Contrast Dolly Dress, Inlovewithfashion. Spike headband, It’s A Girl Thing. Moschino belt, PINKaholic. Sea-green pumps, Fancy Feet.



I’m wearing the Dolly Dress that LOVE has sent me. It arrived last Tuesday thanks to our post office’s prompt notification. The peter pan collar detail is just a print by the way. The contrasting stripes look fun as well. There are more cute Blanc et Noir dresses I found at Inlovewithfashion’s new arrivals. All of them are wearable and chic! 😉


Monochromatic got the best of me lately. It’s not that I abhor colors but to me, it is about being safe. Safe — from colors, from risks, and from life’s mishaps. There is a feeling of familiarity when I wear clothes in black and white; a sense of comfort or relief that is quite inviting. I agree with what they say that what you wear speaks of who you are. I guess this is me then. 


Thank you PINKaholic for the birthday gift! I’m in love with this Moschino belt. I know I’ll end up abusing this piece. That’s fo’ sho! Haha! :mrgreen:


Who let the dogs out?! Charcoal and Amber must’ve been aware that there’s an outfit shoot going on. They have stayed and made themselves comfortable around me. These two doggies got in a bloody fight earlier this week. We have no idea what triggered it but thank goodness they have recovered hastily.


Loitering like a boss!



While some of you are probably hating on me for posting looks that I don’t really wear on a daily basis, allow me to explain the deets. First, my love for clothes and shoes doesn’t have to equate with me wearing them out everyday. A lot of times I’d dress up and wear make up for work even if I know I’ll be sitting my ass off for more than 6 hours in this room-turned-mini-office. Also, as much as I’d love to wear corsets, highwaist denims, daisy dukes or even skater skirts, it would be inconvenient to commute. Such looks are not agreeable when you’re in a small city like ours. People are used to jeans, shirts, and flats so once in a while I’d give in to the norm. It is pretty weird that I have to explain myself to people who are constantly putting me down. If they are disappointed because they found out some of my looks are put together for blogging purposes, I don’t get why it has to be my problem. All I know is that I don’t aim to please for pleasing everyone is an impossible goal.


Spread love and stay wicked!