Blogger Challenge: Fifties

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Blogger Challenge: Fifties


I’m on Style Bible’s Blogger Challenge again! Woot woot!!! 😈

I always get hyped whenever I get an email from them for another challenge. They chose this look and asked if they could use it. But of course.. I’m up for that!

This time, the theme was fifties. Fifties look eh?! It’s all about full skirts, pleated skirts, cropped corsets, and boxy jackets. As you can see, cropped corset was my peg. Teehee!! :mrgreen:


You can read about the whole article here. I had fun answering their questions. Enjoyed reading other bloggers’ answers as well.


In other news, I’m soooo exhausted today because we had a garage sale at PINKaholic shop. It was fun! We sold a lotta “pre-owned” stuff and I bought some too. Haha! I guess that’s all for now… I should go get a massage… Weeeee! 😀


Stay wicked!