Bloggers Unite!

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Bloggers Unite!


This may be a mega late post but I’ll post it anyway.. I feel like sharing a few photos today!

What excites me about going to Manila is the opportunity to meet fellow bloggers in events. 

Met all these cool people. They’re really nice and it was sure fun sharing conversations with them over dinner. Chika galore….seriously! Heeee! :mrgreen:

Family picture? Lol!

Pax is glowing….literally! Ang radiant lang oh! Haha! 😆

Met Kelly and Paul.



Met Camille. All I can say is that she’s damn tall and she has the cutest voice everrrrr…. There goes my ‘fangirl face’ again! Urrggghhhh!! 😕


That’s eeeeeet guys! Hope to see them again on BU3!


Stay wicked!