Blurred Lines

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Look of the Day — Lines are my inspiration for today’s look. I hadn’t realized how “linear” my look was until I started editing the photos in Lightroom. I did not plan it but it looks as if I put thought into the ensemble. More photos after the jump!


White bustier, PINKaholic. Black striped skirt, Vaintage. Ankle strap heels (DAS 45), DAS. Quilted flats, Frollic.


For the first time (in a long while), I have lots of time in my hands. Free time has become a luxury the past few years that I find myself at a loss whenever I don’t have something to do. I should be happy that I have less working hours and more me-time but strangely, I hate the feeling. Unconsciously, maybe I wired myself into catching up and cramming that I don’t feel good doing nothing for the most part of the day. Now, I end up downloading movies and thinking about my next set of looks. Heck, I hadn’t even thought about blogging during my free time. That’s how “blank” my mind is at the moment.


Now about the look, if there’s one piece that I like about PINKaholic’s latest collection, it would have to be the white bustier. Stretchy, intricate back detail, and its sweetheart neckline are just some of the things I like about it.


In real life, shooting this outfit would be kind of effort-ful and I know it is not that easy. People always assume that blogging is just about getting clothes for free and let’s face it, some of them think we are narcissistic. I beg to differ though. Not many survived the challenge of blogging and we’re not a bunch of freeloaders (duh). I don’t know if my explanations would suffice so let’s just leave it at that.


Jpeg overload in 3, 2, 1….


Hoho! Can’t resist my new flatsies. Thanks for these Frollic. I’ve read in the pamphlet attached that these are good for office (like lounging at the desk for hours), driving, or after yoga. See? Told you they’re not your average emergency shoes. 


What’s good about it is that they come in all colors and prints to match your LOTD!



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Stay wicked!