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Look of the Day — Almost 2 weeks past the start of November and I haven’t blogged a single OOTD post yet. It’s alarming but expected at the same time. Anyway, today’s look resembles what I’d normally wear out here in our place.


Sleeveless buttondown top, BlackFive Clothing. Chiffon shorts, Wizards of the West. Jaycee flats, Tutum Shop. Mika sling bag, Maxene’s Closet. White earrings, Libebi. Gold midi rings, PrettyLittleBlings. Ray Ban classic wayfarers, GlassesOnlinePH.



I can’t say no to candy-colored tops! :lol: 


Love this strappy pair of flats from Tutum! Normally, I wouldn’t pick something that involves a lot of contraptions but I challenged myself during the Manila Sundance Bazaar to shop in an “out of the box” kind of way. Speaking of which, they’ll be having another one this coming November 21-23 at Metrotent Ortigas.


RANDOM THOUGHTS #1: Being online at almost 18 hours a day can be daunting or fun depending on how you view it. That being said, I noticed a trend that made me think about how people behave on social media. Isn’t it hypocritical how people don’t want to be talked about and yet they’re the ones dishing out tidbits of their lives to somehow intrigue people and eventually “be talked about”? It’s crazy! Either I’m being condescending or that’s what’s up nowadays! :roll: 

RANDOM THOUGHTS #2: Happiness is a state of mind thing. Being unhappy is a result of bad habits you developed in the course of time. Constant complaining, worrying, and lack of motivation can change your overall outlook and demeanor. I plan to talk about this in detail but procrastination hits, so maybe in the future? Lol!


Since I won’t be able able to make it to this rather fun event, I’ll be giving away my free tix to Apollo Music Festival. Who wants? Feel free to tweet me or message me on Facebook! And for a how-to guide on what to wear, check out my previous post HERE.


Stay wicked!