Cases for Your Gadgets

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Cases for Your Gadgets


Hello everyone! I’ll be doing a product review today of the items I recently got from C4YG or Cases for Your Gadgets. They’re one of the fast-growing e-stores  in the Philippines that offers a vast selection of  cases for your phones and other devices.


Fortunately, I was one of the bloggers who were sent with free phone cases for a product review. My phone is a Blackberry 8520 and there’s probably a gazillion cases to choose from. I’ve waited around a month or less for my orders and were sent to me promptly by the friendly owner Miss Chrisma Joy. She let me choose my top 3 picks and to my surprise, she sent me ALL 3 choices! Awesome right? Yay!


Here they are:

 A closer look at these:

I like this one a lot. The embellished skull print is very detailed. The fact that it’s a skull print doesn’t need any explanation from me right?! You have to be careful with this because the stickers (gold ones) might come off.

Black + skuls = Laveeet! 

Taadaah! Now this has to be my favorite! It’s the current one I use. Why? I dunno. Maybe because of the embellished lion applique. I don’t mind the bulky add-on though, it’s cute that way! 😉


Disclaimer: Products above were sent to me from the company/shop mentioned for the purpose of a 100% honest unbiased review.



Stay wicked!