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Make Up Stories

In Make up by Wicked Ying

Make Up Stories   I’m not much of a make up girl so when I buy cosmetics, do expect me to blab about it here in my blog. Haha! The photo above shows some of my latest purchases. (Clockwise: Herb Day Cleansing Wipes from The Face Shop, Maybelline’s Clear Smooth Extra Powder Foundation, MAC’s Brow Set in Girl Boy, and …

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Salon Day Friday

In Beauty by Wicked Ying

Salon Day Friday   I’ll be sharing with you where I went and what I did today (may ma-eblog lang) Lol! 😆 Went to Body and Sole for a quick mani pedi and a haircut. Figured I needed some volume and shape for my hair. That being said, the hairdresser without a doubt agreed. Aaaaaand, he said so without a …

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Beauty Haul

In Beauty, Make up by Wicked Ying

Beauty Haul  Will be doing a mini beauty haul for you today. These are some of my latest purchases on anything that has to do with make up and plain kaartehan. 😀  Starting off with the NYX Round Lippies  Paris, Hot Pink, Narcissus My fave is the Paris. Muted pink with a kind of bluish undertone. Another fave. It’s the …

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Look 261: Hot Pink

In 365 Look Challenge, Beauty, Fashion by Wicked Ying

Look 261 Hot Pink Pink studded tank top, Express. Denim shorts, PINKaholic. Black blazer, Greenhills. Heel-less shoes, So Fab.   Past 260 looks now? Woot woot! Hot Pink because it’s scorching hot and I’m wearing pink. I know I know I’m corny…to the point that I was explaining my title and I don’t even know if I got the point …

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Wicked Ying Goes Shopping!

In Fashion, Make up, Travel by Wicked Ying

 Wicked Ying Goes Shopping Okay here goes, I went on what seemed to be a shopping spree when I was at Manila with Steph. It was never a plan but with almost all the stores going on sale as much as 50% off, who could resist?? I’m too weak for that. I’ve planned everything out and practically saved my whole …

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Look 122: Hello Boho

In Lifestyle, Make up by Wicked Ying

  Look 122 Hello Boho Boho poncho-ish top, Chikasfashionista. Frayed denim shorts, bought in Cebu. Camel peeptoe booties, Parisian. The second photo is a bit unsharp. I tried to save it from its dilemma but that’s all the touch up I could do. Forgive the “unsharp-ness”. I’m sooo lovin’ this top I bought from my friend Jabel. It screams boho …

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A Concept Brought to Life

In Beauty, Photography, Wicked by Wicked Ying

It is almost a year-long concept for which finally we found the time to do it. A combination of both our passion for photography, music and yes, my favorite color. Purple smoky eyes, lavender lip, purple background, an accessory that I dearly treasure – just some of the things which I could say “ME”. The photo could derive so many expressions, thoughts, ideas, explanations that I’m lost for words on how to describe it.