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Juice Do It!

In Health by Wicked Ying

  If you’re a picky eater (ehem, like me), chances are, you’re not getting all the nutrients that you need because of personal preferences. Our not-so-healthy choice have hindered us from getting all the good stuff. This is where juicing comes to the rescue! Have you tried it? As the article in my kit says, juicing helps you absorb all …

My Make Up Essentials

In Beauty, Health, Lifestyle, Make up by Wicked Ying

  Skipped my typical make up routine today and opted for a simpler, quick and easy look. Usually takes me 15 minutes or so to get the whole face done. So I’ve come up with my new routine for a faster and not so “done” look for that natural feel. Starting off with a blank canvass, use a concealer. It’s …