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Look 9: Layer After Layer

In 365 Look Challenge, Fashion, Shoes, Wicked by Wicked Ying

Look 9, layered animal print dress with sequined details. I have this for years and I have never worn this dress out. I’m even wondering why I bought this one. It goes perfect with the patent peeptoes. This white bracelet was from my aunt, I’m supposed to give it to my cousin but I borrowed it for this look. Changed …

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In Deep Thoughts

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  Random thoughts in motion 1. Excited to go on a quick summer vacay! (B-E-A-C-H) 2. Will I be able to complete my 365? Apparently, I’ve started to hoard looks for the upcoming days…  😉 3. Where do I want to travel next? 4. I’m full..after our pigging out (pizza, macaroni, fries, garlic stix, coolers!) Yeah that’s me and my …

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Look 7: Denim Love

In 365 Look Challenge, Beauty, Fashion, Shoes, Wicked by Wicked Ying

Yey! What better way to celebrate Look 7 than with the big D as in Denim! Inspired by the country looks, I made my own version starting with a denim vest with sheer details, distressed denim shorts, and wait for it, wait for it……denim studded heels!!  😈 Behind the scenes? Take note of the in-my-face softbox! Bought these heels along one …

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Look 6: Blinding Lights

In 365 Look Challenge, Beauty, Fashion, Shoes, Wicked by Wicked Ying

It’s now Look 6, out of 365…….  Using the thrifted wedge shoes from last week.. They’re high, but offers you great sense of comfort though. Another long tank top, thrifted, which I took pleasure in turning it into a dress again. The blazer was bought in Greenhills, Manila when we had the chance to go there and watch a concert. …

365 Days Photography + Looks

In Fashion, Lifestyle, Photography, Wicked by Wicked Ying

Too engrossed with Charcoal Monkey and I’s chitchat last night, we suddenly came up with something to keep the site going. Thing is, a lot of photographers do 365 days posting photos they took each day. I’d like to do my own version with a twist. It is going to be 365 photos, not just ordinary photos but fashion inspired …

Don’t Know Why

In Music, Wicked by Wicked Ying

It’s 2am (15 minutes til 3am to be exact) and I’m wide awake. Up and tweeting, working, editing the old posts, still scouring the files hoping for it to at least look slightly neat and aligned. Can’t wait to see what my eyes would look like tomorrow. I’d be wakon ays (raccoon eyes) again in no time. @_@ So what about …

One Sunny Day

In Photography, Wicked by Wicked Ying

Photos last week. After days, maybe weeks of heavy rain, we finally got the chance to kiss the sun and celebrate its light… Lol! These are the complete pictures, just for the heck of it.. 🙂 For real, I’m just testing out how everything works with the new web…  🙂 Thanks for reading, Im grateful for it. You practically spent …