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Look of the Day — Or better yet, look of the month? I know, I know this post has been long overdue and I have my reasons which I will iterate after the jump. 


Knit sweater and quilted bag, Forever 21. Studded shorts, PINKaholic. Black patent flats, Cotton On.



If I remember it well, this shot was taken at the airport while waiting for our flight to Butuan. We managed to take a good 10 photos give or take. Granted that I was able to edit 5 or 6 of them is an achievement already. Lol! 


I picked “Change” for this look’s title and I have a number of reasons into thinking it’s appropriate. One, a change in my environment (airport, yay). Second, a change of the machine I’m using now. Third and last would have to be the change in my approach into adapting to “change” itself. Am I making sense?!

Change is inevitable. It is the surprise we often come across into our daily lives. As individuals, we all have different approach upon changes. A break in any routine builds anxiety. It sends me into a mini-panic mode. I guess that explains why I’ve been on hiatus last week. I typically had to adjust with a new software and believe me, it’s no easy task. To say that I’ve asked, complained, and talk incessantly a number of times to boyf about how ignoramus I am with this machine would be an understatement. I don’t do well with changes, but that’s just me. So, recently, as I finally decided to move on and go about editing photos, I embraced the challenge. I’m not exaggerating in any bit, I came to think that it is better to see things in a broader perspective. When one is caught up with complaints, the mind gets feeble. However, when you deal with it then yes, it is a light bulb moment. Problem solved. 


Now on to the look, it hadn’t crossed my mind that I’d include this in the blog. It’s simply one of those times that I want to be comfortable without getting too cold inside the premises. Thanks to loose knit sweaters, they come in handy whenever you’re treading on the border between hot and cold. They seem appropriate either way.


New bag. The one I brought with me gave up. The leather handles flaked. I deem it necessary to buy new one. Thus, this medium structured and quilted thing caught my eye.


Hope you like it!


Stay wicked!