City of Dreams

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Look of the Day — Hello hello… I miss posting #ootd! I’ve been away for too long, yes? However, I hope you have joined the giveaway I’ve hosted before going on hiatus. Here’s to hoping you hadn’t forgotten about this blog. Lol! For a comeback, I have taken out my new bag that looks very cartoon-ey! So cute!


Muscle tee, GIFI. Harlequin pants, PINKaholic. Necklace, Li’s Closet. Bag, JumpfromPaper.  


“Everything seems like a city of dreams, 
I never know why, 
But I still miss you. 

There she’s standing in a field of lights, 
I close my eyes, 
And I still miss you…”


Black and white outfit again with this moment’s favorite pants. I did add a bit of color play. Teehee!


Do you guys remember paper dolls? That’s exactly what came to my mind upon seeing this bag. Hands down to whoever thought of this design. Very clever! I had a hard time choosing a favorite so I picked something that stood out the most. This design is called Swing Swing.


My outfit formula would have to be muscle tee + pants + cap. It does the trick.


As much as it looks edited in photos, no, the bag really looks like that in person. I really enjoyed choosing what photos to use in this set because the bag made it look fun. Thanks JumpfromPaper who sent me this all the way from Taipei, Taiwan.


Stay wicked!