Color Block: The Shoes to Match

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Have you noticed the latest trend going hype on colors? More and more fashionistas are doing the color block style. If you would dare try some here are some tips to do it!

Color  block isn’t a new trend at all, but it is back in full throttle! So what is color block? It is the use of two or more colors and combining them to make a statement or ensemble. A conjunction of  colors, each complimenting the other. It can be solid, muted, contrasting or bright colors. It is all about experiment and having the guts to dare.

Why do it? Simply because it is undeniably the “in” trend!  But, you should be careful, since it involves colors one could easily go flop when trying to rock this style out.


1. Do not exceed 3 colors, you would look crazy if you have four loud colors going on.

2. Highlight a specific area/accessory, do not emphasize everything. If you’re rocking that neon colored top then pair it out with a darker shade of bottom or shoes perhaps.

3. Any color combinations would look great if you know how to pull it off.

4. Experiment, experiment, experiment.

Last tip? SHOES of course!

Check out these gorgeous pairs from Jeffrey Campbell. It is a real must have!

Not into stilettos yet you still want to try the color block style? JC’s got the goods for you!  😉