You Keep Coming Back Again

In Fashion, Look of the Day by Wicked Ying



Look of the Day – A music fest-inspired outfit. It is amazing what a piece of white flowy blouse can make in your look. It certainly gives a fresh carefree vibe! 


“i know that i don’t understand 
the way my feelings roam 
i’ve got to look outside again 
and wonder where i’ve gone

i looked into someone’s eyes again 
and it’s been oh so long 
i never meant it to talk again 
i try to silence you

you keep coming back again 
you keep coming back for more…”


White top and gold gladiator flats, Vaintage Shoppe. Wishbone necklace, Li’s Closet.


The song is right on point. It reminds me of my first ever blog post during Friendster’s heyday. Maybe I was bound to be a blogger early on, no?! It was kind of frustrating how I wasn’t able to save photos, blog entries, and my ever treasured “testi”. Haha! Anyway, the entry was all about how I don’t have complete control over my feelings and thoughts with the exact terms, “I do not know myself completely.” Funny how ten years have passed yet I’m still dealing with the same old issues. We all grow up but I guess the circumstances we face don’t. What do you think?



I would’ve worn this outfit if I was able to go to the recently concluded 7107 festival in Clark. But being the probinsyana who’s stuck with work and other duties, I’m here in our quaint little city blogging about my “what could’ve beens”. I’m not complaining though. I’m not the most outgoing person and I would prefer staying within the confines of my house poring over chick flicks/rom-coms and tv series.


Beach hair? Yup!


The latest addition to my collection is this pair of glam shoesies. I love wearing flats and these are probably the cutest locally made gladiators! You have to agree with me on that! This gained a lot of attention the moment I shared it on my Instagram. (Follow me @wickedying) 😉


Stay wicked!