Comme des Fckdown

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Look of the Day — Trying to keep my cool by wearing cropped top and some AA-inspired hot shorts. The sun’s out and shining intensely! Comme des Garcons? No. Comme des Fckdown!


Cropped top, GIFI Clothing. Hot shorts, PINKaholic. Suede booties, Topshop.




The print on my shirt is something that I’ve been wanting to own. It’s been all over Lookbook and yes, I would want to rock one out. Thanks to GIFI for sending me these! My top picks were out of stock so it was a sure surprise when I opened the package from them.


 Isn’t it a cliche when someone says “Calm the fuck down“? There’s a tone to it that sounds like you’re at a certain height of stress or something to that extreme. It’s a much needed reminder when you’re consumed by what you’re doing and then someone snaps you out of it like heeey. A reality check, sort of. Speaking of calm, I’d like to think that I am one. Being silent and introverted, I enjoy taking the backseat and watch people go about their lives. I rarely associate myself on businesses that has absolutely nothing to do with me. Yes, I have my own world and I am comfortable being alone. Alone doesn’t have to equate with being lonely you know. But then again, I have this dependent personality and I’m indecisive most of the time so having company is a must. Confusing I know! 




Anyway, it might be too late to turn your old shirt into cropped tops since summer’s over (in Philippines at least) but would you give DIY a try? Take an oversized shirt, cut the neckline and sleeves, cut the hem at a desired length then leave two dangling pieces that you could use for that knot effect. What do you think? I haven’t tried it though but I like the idea. Haha! 😀


My background is the one adjacent to my default BG. I don’t like it that much but I guess I’ll give it a go once in a while.



Stay wicked!