Damn You

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Look of the Day — It’s been a while. Haven’t blogged outfit shots since the month started. A series of unfortunate events seemed to be the trend and I would admit that I am pretty much affected with what’s happening. One, I’m disappointed with the news. I can’t help but rant on my social accounts. Two, I feel that I could do something but for some reasons I still feel unable despite the efforts. Three, I’m simply not in the mood until I can reassure myself that all these will be okay soon. I may have set aside my blogger duties for weeks but there are far more important things to check on not just that right? If only the problems of the nation were as easy as mixing and matching clothes or hoping for a good weather to shoot, then the Philippines would be a happier place. Typhoon Yolanda/Haiyan might be gone but I doubt we’ll be able to stand back on our feet again not with this kind of government. Oh, don’t get me started on this, it pisses me off like crazy. Getting by… If I could describe the Filipinos in one word, that would have to be resilient. It is an admirable act that we remain hopeful and make do with what’s left after we lose almost, if not, everything. We can all get past this debacle.


Top, CO by Cotton On. Denim skort, Vaintage. Fringe necklace, Li’s Closet. White heels, Lola Shoetique.


“But I won’t cry myself to sleep like a sucker
I won’t cry myself to sleep
If I do I’ll die
Now you fall asleep with another
Damn you…

And I won’t cry myself to sleep like a sucker
I won’t cry myself to sleep
If I do I’ll die
I pray your life is sweet, you fucker
Damn you…”


This is prolly the saddest song Lana has ever made. I remember first time hearing it and immediately hit the repeat button on my phone. Current favorite? YES! It’s like the ultimate heartbreak song where you feel like going to the corner and sulk (with a tub of ice cream or a bar of chocolate of course). I kid! Anyway, on to the look:


P.S. This outfit might be long overdue since I’ve gone blonde now.

The denim skort is the bomb! I personally chose this piece from my sponsor coz I’d like to think that I’m spoiled like that! Teehee… Kidding!


Silver fringe necklace from Li. Follow them on Instagram –> @libebi



New white ones.


If you’ve seen my latest posts, you might’ve known that I’ve joined UP Cebu’s relief drive. I finally found a way to help through the institution.



Their 1UP: The Yolanda Relief Drive Packing Party was a success. They were able to reach 15k packs worth of goods. Thanks to my friends who contributed and helped raising funds for this event. Glad to be of help to them though I wasn’t able to be physically present!



Stay wicked!