Daniel Wellington – Your Preppy Companion

In PR by Wicked Ying

With the existence of smartphones and other techy devices that tell time, watches are now being overlooked and worn only as an accessory. However, I still see watches as a key time teller piece. Sure it can be an important and ultimate add-on to your look, but it should tell us something about your style too.

Whenever one goes for the ‘preppy’ style, the words clean, polished, and classic comes to mind. It is always about looking so neat and put together.


I got this new watch from Daniel Wellington last month. I’ve been wearing this timepiece on my dress-up days since the day I got it. If you’re into classic leather straps and colorful stripe bands, then you’ll definitely find something at DW that suits your taste.



Get your own statement timepiece at Daniel Wellington‘s site. Enter the code: wickedying to get exclusive discount when you purchase from their site.

Happy shopping!