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Look of the Day — I’m not going anywhere despite the somewhat corporate outfit I’m wearing now. I’ve been sporting a lot  of black and white pieces of clothing and I am afraid this post would count as another one to be added on the bunch. Nothing short of shyness, check out today’s look. 


Criss-cross top and stripe midi skirt, Priceless Possessions. Kendall Sunglasses, Fly Shades. Belt, WAGW.



Today’s look highlights on mixing neutrals. I’ve incorporated blush, tan, and beige in one whole look. It’s purpose is to tone down the black and white a bit. I bet this could also pass up for an office “washday” outfit as well.


Featuring my new Kendall Fly Shades. If you’re following me on Instagram, you must’ve seen the other ones they sent me.


This is purely experimental; my way of shaking things up. I’ve noticed I’ve been wearing shorts too much so I’m trying bottoms of different lengths. So what do you think?

If you’re unsure how to break the line between the top and shorts, hide the demarcation by wearing a belt. 😉


Love its brown gradient. Favorite sunnies among the 3 I got!


I really had a hard time figuring this top out. I spent the whole 15 minutes putting it on and checking on the criss-cross straps. Lol!



Hope you like today’s look!


Stay wicked!