Dig Digg’s Newswire

In SEO / SEM / SMM by Wicked Ying


See that thing on the upper right side of the photo? It’s the new Digg Newswire! 😈

Digg has launched its new function named Newswire. It is the answer to what was before a grueling task of sifting through contents to find the biggest stories dugg by millions of users.


Now, you can choose stories to digg in recent or trending. Even more, you can search for stories via number of diggs bracket. Bottomline, you can now find the stories worth digging by:

  • recently dugg stories
  • trending stories (calculated via number of diggs, popularity, etc.)
  • type of media (images, video, etc.)
  • topic (entertainment, business, etc.)
  • number of diggs (by bracket)

    Isn’t it cool? I commend this social bookmarking site for reinforcing their features. It’s easy to use too!  😉

    Now start Diggin’!