Don’t Know Why

In Music, Wicked by Wicked Ying

It’s 2am (15 minutes til 3am to be exact) and I’m wide awake. Up and tweeting, working, editing the old posts, still scouring the files hoping for it to at least look slightly neat and aligned. Can’t wait to see what my eyes would look like tomorrow. I’d be wakon ays (raccoon eyes) again in no time. @_@

So what about the title? Another product of my random thoughts which are in constant motion. Suffering LSS from a song by Norah Jones. Where could she be now by the way? I wonder. She makes such good songs. Hearing it play over and over again inside my head makes me wanna go on a road trip and end up somewhere sunny.

"I waited 'til I saw the sun, don't know why I didn't come..."

I swear I’d die to see sun again. Butuan has been somewhat another Gotham city in the making, minus the hero Batman of course. I really have nothing nice to say about Butuan, really. Not that I’m being stubborn but there’s just no single thing that makes me grateful being here. Am I ranting that much?

Yeah whatev, back to work, I’m out!