Don’t Play Games With Me, You Don’t Know How I Play

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Don’t Play Games With Me, You Don’t Know How I Play


White sleeveless buttondown and sequined shorts, Forever 21. Gold bib necklace and white/gold cuff, PINKaholic. Neon yellow pumps, LYFH.


Look of the Day — Hey hey hey! This is what I’m really wearing today sans the heels of course!

I don’t really have much to do today, so I decided to accompany the Dy sisters on their shoot for PINKaholic’s next collection. Decided to wear something light and comfy because I have to do some photography-related stuff as well. It turned out okay despite some shortcomings that eventually took most of our time figuring out what goes where, blah blah blah.. But that’s pretty much it! We managed to sneak outside and take outfit shots before the rain ruined the dusk. 😡

Now back to the look, I’m not the athletic type but hey, who knew running shorts could be so glam when you add sequins all over them? Haha! 😉

I bought the shorts mainly because it was on sale at Forever 21 Cebu. I can never say no to ___% offs! It is oftentimes synonymous with good finds for me. Yes, consider this pair a steal though I couldn’t pair this bottom with anything other than a white top. Pffftt! 

It’s as if I was waiting for the jeepney to pass by. I’m a proud commuter. Haha!

Neon yellow shoes. Got them for free by the way. Thank you LYFH! Too cute! I’m like a walking “caution” sign. Lol! I wouldn’t get run over by vehicles when I’m out in the streets. They’ll see me (and my shoes) that’s for sure! 😆



Don’t Play Games With Me, You Don’t Know How I Play — Is the title too long? Don’t be confused. I can’t think of anything else to put on the title box. I’m always always stuck thinking of titles everytime I write a blog post. And that’s what I (sort of) feel today. Guess I have to chill the F out because no overtime for me tonight! Woohoo! Work ended earlier than expected. Might spend the day backreading blogs I lalalooove!



Stay wicked!