Don’t Stop Chasing

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Don’t stop chasing.

I think that one of the biggest reason why relationships do not work out in the long run is because at one point, one side (or both) stops trying. Before one claims another person as their significant other, they would do anything to make that person happy. They would chase, they would flirt, they would be charming. They would send daily morning and goodnight texts every time you wake up or go to sleep. They would write corny messages and pick up lines just to make sure that there is a smile upon your face. But once they claim you as theirs, all of those things eventually stop. The 5 page texts slowly turn into 1. The constant calls turn into not calling at all. And the lovely endearments turn into daily arguments. In order for a relationship to work, don’t ever stop chasing. Just because the person you want is now consider “yours”, it does not mean they deserve anything less than the time when you’re trying to win them over.

I saw that “lengthy and wordy” post on Strawberrytelle and found it cute. Kileeeeg…. It’s true! Courtship doesn’t end once you’re in a relationship already. Shweeet shmuckers!
P.S. I took that bokeh photo years ago. I love purple that much! Anyhoo, this post is one of mushy stuff which you guys will prolly say “May maipost lang!” Haha!
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