Dots and Weaves

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Look of the Day — One of the things I like to do when wearing a monochrome garb is to experiment on prints or textures. Thus, the polka dot pattern and weave handbag. There’s really not much you can do in the absence of colors anyway!

V-crop top, PINKaholic. Polka dot highwaist shorts, BlackFive Clothing. Keds, Spruce PH. Gold watch, Parfois. White bangle, Forever 21. Alexander weave handbag, Maxene’s.


When it comes to traditional beliefs and superstitions, polka dots are commonly associated with luck. Having worn one in this particular set made me think that it must be true given that I scored a new project at work last week. Not only that, I also landed new collaborations for my blog. The not-so-good days are gone and it feels great to be at my best self again. I’ve been under the water long enough that it is somewhat refreshing to catch some air and start anew, metaphorically speaking.

Of course, part of being pre-occupied with my ever growing to-do list comes neglect on my overall health. I am pulling up all-nighters once or maybe twice weekly for the past several months. Not that I’m trying to sound as someone who doesn’t have control of her time, its just that when procrastination meets deadlines things can get a little out of hand. Lol!

Headaches, less sleep (or in some cases oversleeping), skipping yoga classes, and graveyard work shifts describe my typical week but it is not as worse as it sounds. Truth is, my working hours are actually less than average so I’m not really that busy. Speaking of which, let me confess this to you: I don’t like the term ‘busy’. I find the word pretentious with an underlying connotation that you gotta do what you gotta do. It has become a mild form of saying no. When you say you’re too busy, it’s as if your time is so precious you cannot entertain matters of lesser value. Not everyone would agree on this thought but that’s just me. 🙄


My fezzz up close — If you’re wondering what’s with the sudden zoom, I’m simply showing you the cutesy earrings I got from the boyfriend for our 4th anniversary. Heeeee! 😀


I have worn polka dots quite often as manifested in my previous outfits:

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NEW BAG ALERT! Love the fun flaps, texture, and side zipper details. Don’t let the size fool you though. This is one roomy bag!

Stay wicked!