Erase and Rewind

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Erase and Rewind 

Lace peplum top and horse-shoe cut skirt, PINKaholic. Scarf-print shoes, Aldo. Wooden/beaded bracelet, Binkydoodles. 


Look of the Day – Monochromatic again?!

I don’t know about you guys but as I was editing the photos, I felt like I was attending a baptismal ceremony of some sort with my LOTD. 😕

Too formal for me I’d say. I was even hesitant to post it but what the hell, it’s sayang! I’m a big fan of the peplum trend so I’m giving this one a GO! 😉


Don’t you just love how unique and stylish PINKaholic stuff are? I’m too shy to admit that I never missed a collection. I might share with you some of my latest goodies from them tomorrow. Woot woot! Anyhoo, I’m listening to The Cardigans as I’m writing this post. Thus, the title. Listening to their music as well as Garbage’s makes me nostalgic of how good my 90s years were. MTV was too cool back then don’t you think? Lol!



Stay wicked!