Faded Bordeaux

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235Look of the Day — What do you do when you get to pick only one item from a new sponsor? Why choose the fanciest must-have there is! In this case, I found it in the form of deep dark red (or burgundy?) leather jacket!

235-1 Oxblood biker jacket with belt, Yoins. Lace cropped tank, BlackFive. Studded shorts, PINKaholic. Suede booties, Topshop. Earrings and midi rings, LiBebi.


I was searching other terms for Oxblood when I stumbled upon this article from Lucky Magazine titled: 19 Euphemisms of Oxblood. Among all the synonyms listed, stale wine, bruised cranberry, and faded bordeaux are my top picks. Thus, one of them made it as my title. Whew! Title problems solved!

Speaking of dark red hues, I remember the small chat my boyf and I had last night. We got busy picking paint colors for the house’s roof makeover and we ended up torn between Colonial Red and Spanish Red. As much as the two looked identical to me, I preferred Colonial Red for its purplish undertones whereas Spanish Red was a tad bit brighter. Funny how the littlest of details and difference in hue can change the result of everything. Good thing he agreed with my color suggestion. Lol! Now I’m looking forward seeing the outcome of his DIY home improvement project! :-D 


Back to the look! Here’s the thing, I’m quite conscious about what I call ‘mixing metals’. I was never a fan of mixing gold and silver pieces together so here, I made sure that the rivets of my jacket are similar to the studs on my shorts. Deets, deets, deets!


My formula seems to be (but not quite): Similar metals + contrasting pieces = Wicked Ying’s Look Of The Day!

 You might notice how I like adding contrasting pieces to my outfit such as edgy leather jacket paired with ultra-feminine lace or in a broader sense, a dark outfit with opaque red lips. Again, these are spontaneous choices that I only notice upon editing photos. Yeah, weird I know! :roll: 

235-7A dead ringer to what I wore last BU5! Oops! :oops: 235-6


Stay wicked!