Feminism: The Road to Why it Matters

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In realizing that we are feminists, we discover that we are not alone. I came across this newsletter from Woman, Create and it was really a good read that I thought about sharing it on my blog. I encourage you all to join the book club. Women empowerment for the win! Thanks for this Marika!


“Feminism is wherever feminism needs to be. Feminism need to be everywhere because feminism is not everywhere. What did it mean, what does it do, to hold onto feminism, to fight under its name; to feel in its ups and downs, in its coming and goings, your ups and downs, your comings and goings?”
– Sara Ahmed, ‘Living a Feminist Life’

As an artist, a lot of the process involved in producing a final work revolves around the absolutepause in the doing. There’s a lot of monotonous, sometimes frenzied contemplation; a lot of rethinking and decision-making; the pushing and pulling without the use of the paint brush.

This is the phase of the process I personally hate the most. This is the part where it feels like nothing is being done, but the truth is, much is being tackled with through revelation to the point that it hurts, like a birthing. It’s the part where I am forced to contemplate what and why I am doing what I am doing, and why I am choosing to make certain decisions related to it. Here, I am forced to face my mistakes, and to find ways to solutions about such mistakes.

Like many things, our fast-paced, technological world would rather not have us dwell in pause or contemplation. We are taught to be infused in the doing, without stopping. It is easier to escape than come into vulnerability, standing in front of the truths that could both hurt us and pave the way to change us. But as artists, or people who want to turn their lives into works of art, we hungry for authenticity and quiet. So we step back. We stop and think and wrestle with the truth, whatever that might be for whatever situation.

When we pause from our doings, we come face to face with the depth and integrity of the things we do.

The decision to hinge our life on feminism must come to a certain point where we extend beyond just being social media warriors, speaking up only when a public trend goes viral, but when we truly wrestle the notion of what is means to live a feminist life.

Here, we come to wrestle with our own mistakes (often, mistakes done inadvertently because we have been socialized into sexism for so long), when we witness our own circles engaging in sexist thought and practice, when we come face to face with the intimacy and presence of sexism in our daily lives, we need to step back, pause and ask: How can I come to terms with this, heal from it, and take steps into renewing myself? 

If you’re on 365 Wonders 2019, February engages this practice. Whether it’s listing how our thoughts, actions and environments need to change, this month, there is a call to engage with feminism on a more personal and honest way. February is more commonly known in engaging people to relationships or deal with heartbreaks (Valentines), but maybe in a season of commercialized, capitalist love, is it possible to engage in the matters of our own hearts? How do we remain steadfast to what we believe in? How can we confront our own sexism or silence? What needs to change? How can we take steps in renewing our inner selves as we lead a life positioned on the feminist ideology?

The point is that as you wrestle with all this, know that it is okay to admit to some faults and work on renewing our canvas. We are not perfect people, although the world insists we must be for no reasonable reason. Understand that there is grace and healing, not shame, to be found when we speak truth to our hearts.

In realizing that we are working to lead feminist lives, we also discover that we no longer alone. Community is where we can find our tribe, and our healing as we make sense out of things. This season, we open our doors to community once again through The Feminist Book Club. I invite you to this space. Join us. Let’s unpack things together.

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