Free Specs, Anyone?!

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Free Specs, Anyone?!


Admit it, we’re all suckers for freebies right? I know I just had to share this with you when I got this e-mail from Firmoo and their “free glasses” for everyone promo! Haha! :mrgreen:


Every new customer qualifies for getting their first pair free. All you have to do is share via Facebook or tweet, choose your specs, and register. They’ll send you the coupon code right away. Just like that, you get your own free eyeglasses. The only catch is, you have to do a product review and write about the item you got from them. Cool right?! 

If you’re up for it, check out their site HERE.


I ordered mine yesterday. Can’t wait for the eyeglasses to arrive and use them in my future looks. Yeah, hipster glasses for the win! Hahaha! 😆


Whether you have prescription or mainly after it for “fashion” purposes, we’re all qualified. Lol!


Stay wicked!