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Look of the Day — What could possibly go wrong with a ‘playful’ playsuit in a yummy pastel color? This outfit has the word fun and feminine written all over it!

Before anything else, I must ask you this question: How do you like the new blog layout? 



Mint frill shorts playsuit with belt, Inlovewithfashion. Karine pumps, Gold Dot. Watch, Fossil.


Whew! It’s been a week since I last published a post. All the blog changes takes a bit of getting used to but I’m loving it! Change is good. Change defeats the monotony and familiarity of things. I’m all for change but give me ample time to adjust. Haha!

Once again, I find myself in an ambiguous state. One moment I was inspired to continue with the blog modifications and got motivated to finish shooting all those pending outfits that has lined up for weeks. Then fast forward to last weekend, I was discouraged. I don’t know what triggered such disposition. I was kind of slacking and I still am. Thus, the week-long absence. I don’t really feel like myself the past few days that I refuse to do anything I should be doing. I am not in my A game, so to speak.


However, having edited this set of photos I decided to publish as soon as I could despite the lack of substantial content to go with it. I sure wish this girly outfit not to mention my lilac kissers made up for the lackluster article. Lol!



Stay wicked!


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