From Bland To Blonde!

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From Bland To Blonde!


Nothing much about this post. I feel like sharing what the activity was last Meet Up Monday. First up on the list was to give my hair a new life with the help of 2 boxes of chemicals. Lol! :mrgreen:

Woot woot! Meet the newly-dyed Wicked! 😈

It’s called Light Blonde. Laveeeet! 

Glad the color turned out good and it was even on all parts of the hair. Took me months and months before mustering up the courage to give it a go and get it over with.

Took us 3+ hours to treat my hair.

Dye + rinse + blower galore!

With  this length, 2 boxes of hair dye ain’t enough. Squeezed the tubes til the last drop! 🙄

Headed on to a night out with the Morange-lipped Steph.. 😀

Woohoo! She did my hair! That was one fun DIY. Next up would be the “dip-dye”.

Stay wicked!