Fuzzy Shoesies!

In Fashion, Shoes by Wicked Ying

Flats or oxfords? Can I be both? 😉

Please welcome my new white fuzzy shoesies…

So where do I begin telling you my crazy obsession for shoes? Hmmm.. i spend a hefty amount of time in front of the monitor searching for cool shoes and sky high heels as well as chunky platforms. Yes, I breathe them! Often tempted to buy stuff online but somehow my tiny feet seems to be a hindrance. My oh-so-effin-tiny shoe size isn’t always available. I don’t know why. :-/

Thanks to someone I met online, she is reselling her flats/brogues/oxfords whichever way you choose to call it. I finally got my own pair. It’s on transit. Hope to see them tomorrow when the weather’s good and the flights aren’t cancelled. Couriers can be such a pain in the A! 🙂