GCash AmEx Shopping

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GCash AmEx Shopping


Wondering what this post is about huh? Well, first and foremost, thank you Kookie for sending me a personal message about your giveaway! Appreciate it.. I rarely join giveaways and contests but there are a select few who makes me want to put much effort especially when you get to see the items at stake.. Lol! 😆

A number of bloggers has already posted about Globe’s Virtual Card. So what exactly is it? It’s a prepaid virtual card linked to your GCASH mobile wallet, enabling you to shop conveniently from both local and international online shops which accept American Express cards. Moreover, this service gives you a personalized US Address which allows delivery of your purchases right to your doorstep. 

Oh boy, oh boy…  I think now we can shop at US-based e-stores minus the hassle! 😉


And not only that, Death by Platforms herself bought us a little something something from NastyGal. All in size small, perfect for moi! I’m keeping my fingers crossed on winning them rad goodies.. Want. Them. So. Bad!


Hope you’ll join Kookie’s blog giveaway. I did! Haha!! Join HERE. 


Stay wicked!