Get Away With It

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Get Away With It

Neon cutout top, leather pants, and accessories, Forever 21. Spikey slingback heels, LYFH.


Another look I forgot to post before I left for Manila last week. I had these photos edited and all, but apparently I forgot to upload them on my blog and make a scheduled post too. I always….always end up cramming whenever I have trips planned out. But it’s okay, all is well now. 😉

A bad photoshop job trying to redden my lips some more.. Lol! 😆
Dint realize I wore too much Forever 21 in a look. Bahaha! It’s crazy right?! We could always blame them for having all the good stuff though..

Badass cutouts on front and back. My kind of thing! And uhm, yes, I’m still not done with neon yet. I bought some more neon clothes during my last trip at F21 Megamall. Bad choice or not, I think I could still use them for a longer time. Excuse my lame excuses.. 🙄

And so, Amber’s making a comeback with my outfit shoots as well. You still remember her?! Heeeeee! :mrgreen:


How was everyone?! Apparently, I missed blogging way too much that I know I had to publish a new post asap. You might forget me if I don’t. It sucks to ‘not’ bring a laptop with you on trips or if I did, a crappy internet connection automatically follows.  Boooo! Anyway, we’re you able to go to Bloggers United 3?! Tag me or tweet me the pictures if you went pretty please? Heeee! I’m grateful to have met some of my readers too, I recognized them the moment they mentioned their names! Will post photos soon..


Stay wicked!