Girls Should Eat Make Up

In Beauty, Make up by Wicked Ying

Media nowadays has changed the way beauty is perceived. It has provoked women of today to achieve perfection, no matter how impossible it seems. In this day and age, beauty is seen more on the physical aspects as dictated by the social norms. Nonetheless, it has created a stir of something difficult to solve. My post on facebook had somewhat gained attention. It said “Girls should eat make up, so they could be pretty inside too :p “.

Inner beauty was left behind the corner. Women competing against each other as to who stands out more. Turning their focus on cosmetic surgery just for the heck of it. The question remains, why? Why do we dwell on such grave idea? Is it to impress others? More like to feel good inside. The truth is, we are all eaten up by our own insecurities.

Girls should eat make up! Stated in a metaphorical way to remind you ladies not to get too caught up with everything skin deep. Do your own thing, there’s much more to life than minding those irrelevant hypocrites who gawk at others just to compensate for their own mishaps. It’s not that bad to be wicked at times! 🙂